Where are all the heroes? All around us. Every pedal stroke, every bike ride, every one less car ride helps. It helps our health, our fitness, and it helps our connection with the environment that we ride through. Whether it's urban, trail or wilderness. It also helps our planet. We love the fact we re-use and re-purpose our bikes when we can. And if you see fit to buy second hand instead of new, well that's one less bike manufactured, one less bike box and packaging, and one less bike shipped internationally. That must be good for reducing everyone's carbon footprint,  it certainlyhelps our goal towards carbon neutral.  

Our team are passionate about providing top quality bikes to rent, and we are just as passionate to provide you with a superb bike, at great value for money when it's time to take one home.

We look forward to meeting you and taking the journey together.


How do we measure success? When clients become friends.
How do we measure success? When clients become friends.

Covid Clean with Zoono

Since June 2020 we have been trusting Zoono to keep us clean, and our clients safe. Our bikes, helmets vehicles and all contact surfaces are treated with Zoono Microbe shield. In addition we clean and rotate our helmets so they are given at least 48 hours between clients. 

Zoono's hand sanitizer is our staff's preference for daily use providing proven effectiveness on Covid and other nasty's. 

And for added comfort, our shuttle drivers are fully vaccinated and will be wearing masks while driving. So book with confidence as we work with you to ensure a safe and amazing day!

We also have contact free booking options via our website should you wish.

Stay safe, be kind, and always a  G8 Ride with Arrowtown Bike Hire!



We have our rental shop at 59 Buckingham St Arrowtown, and our showroom at Unit 6, 9 Bush Creek Road  Arrowtown. Come say hi and let us talk bikes.


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